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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Appointment of Fresh Student Office Bearers to Moot Court Society, ALSN For 2012-2013

Notice is hereby given of the intent to consider desirability of examining new office bearers to the prestigious Moot Court Society for the year 2012-13 for the following positions: 

a) Convener 
b) Deputy Convener 
c) Secretary 
d) Coordinators – one each from every programme / section.  

The aspirants students should send in their bio- data reflecting the merits of their candidature with special reference to their prior mooting talents and accomplishments. The positions require zeal, commitment and enterprise as the major programs of action include the internal moot rounds and the Amity international Moot. The applications should reach the Director, ALS, Noida not later than 10th of July, 2012. The applications would be assessed by a panel comprising of the Director and the concerned faculty.

Posted by Adhish Sharma

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