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Saturday, October 23, 2010

10th Indo-Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Science

10th Indo-Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Science will be held in Amity Law School from 25th to 30th of October 2010.

The Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science (INPALMS) was inaugurated during the 2nd Congress held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in August 1986; the pre-inaugural Congress was held in Singapore in 1983. The subsequent Congresses were held at Chennai (India 1989), Bangkok (Thailand 1992), Bali (Indonesia 1995), Kobe (Japan 1988), Melbourne (Australia 2001), Manila (Philippines 2004) and Colombo (Sri Lanka 2007). 

The INPALMS Congress will assemble quality scientific contributions with Workshops, Plenary Sessions and Panel Discussions as well as Paper & Poster Presentations. There will be a number of Workshops such as Crime Scene Investigation by Dr. Henry Lee, a Distinguished Professor and Senior Emeritus Scientist, U.S.A. and Forensic Anthropology by Professor Ali Chadly, Tunisia.

Many Academicians, Experts and Professionals from Legal Medicine and Forensic Science area will join together to promote a multi-disciplinary approach to Forensic Science. More than 500 Forensic Scientists and medico-legal experts from India and abroad will be attending the INPALMS Congress including Sir Alec Jeffreys, F.R.S., Professor Duarte Nuno Vieira, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Science, University of Coimbra, Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine of Portugal, President: International Association of Forensic Sciences, President: International Association of Legal Medicine, President: World Police Medical Officers and President: European Council of Legal Medicine. 

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