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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amity Competition on Law Reforms 2013 | Valedictory

In a tough competition between School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu and Indian Law Society, Pune to bag the winners’ title for the “Amity Competition on Law Reforms”, ILS Pune was announced the proud Winner during the valediction ceremony held at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida

The theme of this year’s Competition was “Anti Terror Laws” The budding lawyers, during the various rounds of the competition, suggested that Anti Terror Laws  should be framed in such a way that they fight the menace of external and internal terrorism without violating human rights. Existing anti terror laws like POTA, AFSA, TADA, NSA etc does not differentiate between terrorist and sympathizers. There must be some distinction in dealing with terrorist activities and unlawful activities.

While distributing the prizes to the winners of the competition, Chief Guest of the occasion Mr. Justice Fakhruddin (Retd.) said that outside powers should shed their dreams that they can disintegrate India with their direct or indirect terrororist activities. While addressing the students, Justice Fakhruddin said that we need young people who, at the same time, can be an advocate, a soldier fighting for the country. He said that whatever circumstances our country is facing today, we should not forget the development India has witnessed during the last 60 years including industrialization, self dependency in food grains, rail-road network, strengthening of democracy. Justice Fakhruddin said that honest implementation of law matters the most. Laws should be made which are practicable and can be implemented firmly.

Speaking on the issue of Anti Terror Laws, Mr. Prakash Singh, Former DG Police Uttar Pradesh and Assam said that there is a single threat to global peace and that is terrorism. Major Powers of world like USA, Russia, China and India are main sufferers of terrorism. Mr. Singh said that three kinds of laws that are required to deal with terror:
-          To deal with terrorist and punish
-          To empower and give sense of protection to security forces.
-          To deal with such issues which supports terrorism like counterfeit currency, drugs etc.
“Main problem with our country is that there is no defined policy to counter terrorism. Secondly there is no consensus of what laws are needed. One government drafts TADA, another drafts POTA and third government drafts Unlawful Prevention Activities Act,” stressed Mr. Singh

Mr. Rahul Dev, Eminent Journalist said that the main problem faced by our country is not the dearth of efficient laws but their stern implementation. Laws are drafted in such a way that they do not differentiate between small criminal fights,, communal incidents and terrorism. While quoting great ancient scholar Chanakya, Mr. Dev said that country faces four types of threat:
-          Internal threat
-          External threat
-          Outside supported internal threat
-          Inside supported outside threat
We have to draft separate laws and policies for each type of threat.

While addressing the august gathering, Gen Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School Noida congratulated all the participants coming from all over India for their valuable inputs and their deep insight in the knowledge of the subject and remarked that the recommendations of this competition will be sent to the Parliament library and Law Commission.

The Best Legislative Initiative – Researcher award was bagged by Mr. Arman Das from NLU Odisha. The Best Legislative Initiative – Male was won by Mr. Rohit Rathi from ILS, Pune. The The Best Legislative Initiative – Female was given to Ms. Hiranmayi Narayanan from SOEL, Tamil Nadu.

Six leading law schools participated in the competition including NLU, Orrisa; ILS, Pune andAmity Law School, Lucknow. The students were adjudged by leading law professionals and academicians including Mr. Shashank Bajpai- Advocate Central Govt. Counsel, Supreme Court, Dr. Jeet Singh Mann- Asst. Prof. of Law, National Law University, Dwarka, Ms. Sweety Manchandani - Senior Standing Counsel, High Court, Delhi and others

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor, Amity University addressing the gathering

Mr. Justice Fakhruddin (Retd.) addressing the gathering

Winner Team receiving the award

Mr. Justice Fakhruddin lighting the lamp

From L-R Maj. Gen Nilendra Kumar, Mr Rahul Dev, Mr. Justice Fakhruddin, Mr. Prakash Singh, Dr. Balvinder Shukla

Mr. Rahul Dev, Eminent Journalist addressing the gathering

Mr. Prakash Singh, Former DG Police Uttar Pradesh and Assam addressing the gathering

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