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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HVQ Activity - Invitation for Handwriting Competition on Thursday, 21.02.2013

Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management, are pleased to announce a Handwriting Competition- ‘Write with Flair’as a part of Human Value Quarters 2013.

The purpose of keeping an event of such kind  is to create awareness and focus on improvingthe english handwriting skills of students, with the purpose of inculcating the habit of neat andclean work presentation.

Details of the Competition:

·         Name of the Event:                        ‘Write with Flair’
·         Date:                                                     Thursday, 21.02.2013.
·         Time:                                                     01:45 to 02:45 pm
·         Venue:                                                 Room # 401, Forth Floor, Block F-1

Programme for the Competition:

1.       Registration-                                      01:30 to 01:45 pm21.02.2013.
2.       Competition-                                     01:45 to 02:45 pm21.02.2013.
3.       Concluding Ceremony-                  02:50 to 02:45 pm21.02.2013.

Guidelines and General Rules:

1.       Theme/Topic- “Human Values I cherish the most”.
2.       Participants to write only on the sheet provided.
3.       Participants to use black or/and Blue pen, only.
4.       Participants must bring their own stationary (Pen, Pencil, Eraser and Ruler/Scale).
5.       Participants cannot use pencil to write.
6.       Name and other details to be given only at the back of the sheet submitted.

Judging Criteria:

1.       Presentation:
·         Format
·         Conformity to rules and guidelines
·         Neatness
·         Spelling
·         Punctuation
·         Grammer
·         Over-writing
·         Margins

2.       Suitability

·         Adherance to time limit
·         Word Count
·         Space between letters, words and sentences
·         Sentence formation

For any further details please feel free to send your queries on-
Or, get in touch with our Student Coordinators:

·         Ms.Parmeet Kaur- 9560910363
·         Ms.S.Samyukta- 8130374889

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