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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Call for papers of 15th Human Rights Summer School

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is going to organize the 15th Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) on 'Human Rights and Religion, 2014'. 

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This year in the HRSS maintaining the stated wavelength, the theme-line, Human Rights and Religion may be construed in the following subheadings:

  • Human Rights and Religion: the Ideological Similarities
  • Ideas of Human Rights in Islam/ Hinduism/ Buddhism/ Christianity
  • Ethical Differences between human rights and religion
  • Cultural Relativism debate of Human Rights
  • Human Rights and Political Islam
  • The Ideas of Jihad in Islam and its Human Rights Implication
  • The Human Rights Discourse in the Israel-Palestine Conflict (Conflict mapping in the Zionist-Islam perspective)
  • Ethnic Cleansing in the name of Religions
  • Religious Supremacy, Hegemony and Islamization in the Middle-East
  • Hate-speech as Stimulus of Riots in India and Bangladesh
  • Communalism, Secularism and Islam- the Ideational Friends and Foes of Human Rights
  • Is a Liberal Interpretation of Religion Possible to adjust it with Human Rights Model?
  • Women Rights in Islam: Reflecting over the Antagonistic relations
  • Morality, Religion and Human Rights: An Oriental perspective on the Efficacy of Meta-narratives
  • How far religions can help to build a right-based society?

The topics are suggestive not exhaustive. So, you are free to write on any of the topics having relevance with the general thee i.e. Human Rights.  We will appreciate if you focus one of the following areas:

  • Ensuring Social Justice through Community Based Research;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights;
  • Boosting Social Justice Through RTI;
  • Individual and Collective Rights in Relation to Social Justice;
  • Role of State in Protection of HR vis-e-vis Religion;
  • Development Goals and Human Rights;
  • Stakeholders Responsibility in ensuring Human Rights;
  • State Responsibility, Human Rights and Social Justice;
  • New Challenge for Human Rights: Refugee Perspective;
  • Human Security and Human Development.

The papers should be written in between 5000-8,000 words excluding footnotes. 

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