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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flawless Victory at Symfiesta, 2014

A brilliant stroke of victory for Amity Law School, Noida at the Symfiesta, 2014 at Symbiosis Law School, Noida where a team comprising of Tanisha Jehangir Munir & Gaurav Babbar WON the prestigious KTS Tulsi Trial Advocacy Competition with a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/-. Participants got the opportunity to play the role of lawyers in famed court cases where the competition saw a participation from leading law colleges in India. The final bout was close and both sides displayed an extraordinary amount of poise and confidence. The winning team showed a great deal of skill that inspired all of those present & was deeply appreciated by the judges for the extensive research done by the team in the given time.
The team of Tanisha J. Munir and Mehaq Rao secured the 2nd RUNNERS UP position in Client Counseling Competition & were also able to knock their way into the Semi- Finals of the Negotiation Competition.The team shared their experience and the reviews given by the judges for the teams participating in different competitions:
1. Adopt a normal conversational style of talking – be a human first and then a lawyer.
2. Be gradual in introducing the law to your client – don’t bombard him with your legal knowledge.
3. Explain legal concepts to your client in simple layman language – excessive legal jargon is to be avoided.
4. Be slow and steady – winning the client’s trust is the first key to a successful client counseling session.
5. Never guarantee the effectiveness of a suggested solution – false promises are dangerous and might disappoint the judges.
SUITED UP- Gaurav Babbar & Tanisha J. Munir 

Heartiest congratulations to the victorious teams and their families. We all are proud of their achievements & may they bring more laurels for the college. Cheeeeeers. 

Posted by Ronil Goger

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