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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moot Court Society Notice

All students be informed that we have designated one student from each class as a measure to reach out to each student of Amity Law School, Noida resolve our responsibilities diligently. The designated student shall have all the relevant information regarding upcoming moot court competitions, details of the selection trials being organised by the Moot Court Society etc. 

Moot Court Society endeavours to establish a healthy mooting culture in the law school. Should any student face any difficulty with any designated student or Moot Court Society, please contact the undersigned or mail at

For the reference of all, following are the designated students:

  1. B.A., LL.B         II Semester          (Section A)          - Ms. Akanksha Kapoor
  2. B.A., LL.B         II Semester          (Section B)          - Ms. Sukriti Kashyap
  3. BBA, LL.B         II Semester                                    - Mr. Avinash K.R.
  4. B.Com., LL.B     II Semester                                    - Ms. Juhy Saxena
  5. B.A., LL.B         IV Semester        (Section A)           - Mr. Raunak Satpathy  
  6. B.A., LL.B         IV Semester        (Section B)           - Mr. Prashant Shukla
  7. B.Com., LL.B     IV Semester                                   - Ms.Meghna Kar
  8. B.B.A., LL.B      IV Semester                                   - Mr. Akbar Ahmed
  9. B.A., LL.B         VI Semester                                   - Ms. Saloni Attri
  10. B.A., LL.B         VI Semester                                   - Ms. Shreya Hasija
  11. B.A., LL.B         VIII Semester                                  - Mr. Himanshu Luthra

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