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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sports Competition Program for - FRESHERS

Honorable Founder President is very keen that students of Amity University should participate in around the year program of Sports and Sports Competitions for improving their sports skills as well as for promoting Physical Fitness and Wellness among the students.

The Acting Vice Chancellor has specifically desired that ASPESS should organize Inter- Institutional Sports Competitions only for the newly admitted students (Academic year 2012-13). It has been decided to hold these competitions towards the end of August 2012 that is the time by which admissions in all the Institutions would be more or less completed. These competitions would facilitate in identifying potential among the FRESHERS in different games and sports and will in turn help different Institutions in forming their teams for SANGATHAN & SPARDHA and also help Amity University in identifying sportsperson for Inter University Competitions.

It is proposed to organize Inter-institutional Sports Competitions only for the newly admitted students of the current academic year in the following sports disciplines.

1.      Football                            (Only Men)
2.      Basketball                        (Men & Women)
3.      Hockey                             (Only Men)
4.      Volleyball                         (Men & Women)
5.      Cricket                             (Only Men)
6.      Table Tennis                    (Men & Women)
7.      Tennis                               (Men & Women)

Contact Kavita mam or Gaurav Bishan for details.

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