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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prof. Bharat Karnad - Research Professor, National Security Studies at the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi delivers lecture on ' Geopolitics and Indian Strategy”

Prof. Bharat Karnad -Research Professor, National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi delivered a lecture on ' Geopolitics and Indian Strategy” at Amity Law School, Sector- 125, Noida

Maj.Gen. Nilendra Kumar- Director, Amity Law School, Noida welcomed the prolific speaker.

Prof.Bharat Karnad, during his lecture, outlined the geo political advantage that India enjoys being strategically located on the world map. He stressed that there is lack of efficient human resources in strategy planning department and opined that policy planning unit is sidelined in India whereas in other countries like Russia, China and Tokyo, policy planning is at the core.

He pointed out the reluctance of India and its people in spreading culture, fine arts and music beyond the boundaries whereas the imprints of other countries’ culture and traditions especially USA are clearly visible in Indian lifestyle and adding to the situation is India’s “Non- alignment Policy” which fits into India’s insular mindset and restricts India’s diplomacy.

Prof.Karnad remarked that India has lot of “manifested” advantages such as Human Resources,Frugal Engineering, therefore everybody wants to partner with India whether itis Japan, US or Australia.

Commenting on the bitter –sweet relationship shared between India and China, Prof. Karnad commented that China is a single minded country; everybody in China is imbued with the geo political vision to make China “Superior” to other countries. China, just like India, suffers lack of discipline and corruption. Dwelling further, the speaker said that China thinks of India very less in terms of military prowess whereas India, which should be cautious of China, remains too much pre-occupied with its petty neighboring countries including Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. India cannot even apprehend the danger right.

The speaker cautioned against the spreading influence of China in Srilanka, which is India’s back gate and therefore, a matter of concern for India. He suggested that India needs to become militarily pro-active and be assertive outside in the immediate neighbourhood and neighbourhood does not mean Pakistan or Bhutan but CHINA. Being “Great Power”is not an entitlement to be fought for. India should stop making itself dependant on other countries heedlessly since it is blessed with the bounty of nature.

The lecture was attended by over 100 budding lawyers who were deeply enriched with the insight provided by the speaker.

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