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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Amity Law School Jan Sabha, 2014

The Debating Society of ALS, Noida organised the Amity Law School Jan Sabha, 2014(Mock Parliament) on 19th February. The competition saw a participation from more than 60 students from different batches of law. 

The Sabha was divided into the Government members led by Manan Popli & Arshit Anand with the Opposition from Neelesh KumarVandit Mishra & their supporters. It was presided by Aiman Kulsoom Rizvi(Speaker), Adeet Dobhal(Deputy Speaker),Shwetank Sharma(General Secretary) and Tanya Chaudhry(Legal Advisor).

The Government introduced the UNIFORM CIVIL CODE Bill in the spirit of Article 44 of the Constitution of India, 1950 for the purpose of Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance and Guardianship.

The schedule for the event was:
10 am-11 am: Bill Making process (unmoderated session)
11 am- 1pm: Formal Session 1 and Tabling of the bill (moderated session)
1 pm- 1.20 pm: Lunch Break
1.30 pm- 3.30 pm: Formal session 2, Amendments and Voting (moderated session)

The supporters argued on the points of promoting real secularism, equal treatment for all, more rights to women, correcting loop holes of personal law, reducing vote bank politics, a step towards modernisation and integration of the country. It was opposed on the grounds of existing multiculturalism, secularism and protecting democracy.

After a series of heated arguments and all necessary amendments the Bill was finally passed by a majority. The competition saw Varun Kumar(Government) & Apeksha Chauhan(Opposition) as the Best Speaker. Arshit Anand(Government) & Sai Titiksha Golakoti(Opposition) bagged the Second Best Speaker award.

We thank Ms. Niru Sharan, Ms. Sheetal Singh, Mr. Ashwani Pant and Mr. Vivek Dubey for judging the event & giving their valuable suggestions to all present. Lastly we thank the DebSoc for their wonderful efforts which are appreciated by Director Sir, Faculty members, Participants & all Spectators.

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