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Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Alumni Letter to the Best Mentor

A letter that Director Sir received Yesterday and wishes to share with everyone. He greatly values the sentiments of the sender.

Subject: Letter to the best mentor
Dear Sir,
I wanted to extend my deepest regard and thank you for everything ALS gave us. I was eagerly waiting for result day to send this mail to you as otherwise it wouldn't have been ethically right on my part.
Sir, I cannot describe in words what ALS has given me. I'm a different adult altogether from what i was 5 years back.  
I thank you for all the guidance, love, support you gave us throughout our college life. Today Sir i feel very happy to tell you that I secured a good SGPA in my last Semester and I will be passing out with a first division. My parents were extremely happy to know about my performance. 
I have so many good memories of getting scoldings from you, getting directions from you, listening to your finely articulated sentences, which actually makes me feel that I'm not leaving this college empty handed but with a basket-full of memories to cherish. The best thing I will be taking along is "experience" in all the fields a student can think of which I don't think any other college could have ever given me. 
In ALS, I always felt that students are motivated to explore new dimensions whether its Moots, debates, sports, cultural,etc. Throughout my college days I received remarkable support from all faculty members which was like a blessing, they not only supported but also appreciated on our achievements to a great extent.
In the end I wanted to let you know that this was the best place I could have ever enrolled in. For me I have been in ALS during its Golden era and I'm sure it will continue to progress and shine forever.

Thank you so much,Sir.

Yours Sincerely,

Batch 2009-2014

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