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Friday, July 11, 2014

Invitation for Youth Internet Governance Forum 3rd – 6th August 2014

A prestigious event Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum, Youth Internet Governance 
Forum & SANOG XXIV will be held at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida from 1st -9th August 2014. The event is being hosted by the Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) & National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). 

The theme of our event is “Internet to Equinet – An equitable Internet for the next billion”

This event is to boost and contribute to the discussion of how Technology and Governance can go hand in hand to help India accelerate the demand of Internet growth. It will be a good platform for Knowledge Initiative (Skill Development) among students as we are inviting students.

The Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF ), would be taking place from 3rd – 6th August 2014. The Orientation Ceremony of YIGF on 3rd August 2014. 

An overview of the YIGF Program 
Youth as a majority of Internet user group, their voices are however less heard in any decision making process. With a dedication to raise the awareness of Youth on Internet governance and encourage the young generation to participate in the policy discussion, a group of NetMission Ambassadors ( has initiated the Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) in 2010 in parallel with the APrIGF. 
Inspired by United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum, the Youth IGF takes the same multi-stakeholders’approach as the global IGF. YIGF is usually a 3-day-2 nights camp which participants are assigned a role as one of the interest group such as government, private sectors and NGOs. During the camp, they are encouraged to think from a new standpoint. Based on equality, YIGF provides an open platform for young generation to express and interchange their ideas and own thoughts on Internet governance freely. It also serves as a preparation camp for them to understand various Internet issues and open their door to the international policy discussion.
One of the core features of the Youth IGF is that the facilitators are all youth themselves i.e. NetMission Ambassadors which signifies the empowerment of youth as well as the peer-to-peer impact.

Eligibility: 10-15 Brilliant Students having interest in the field of Internet & Technology, Regulatory & Policy matters with the capability of good communicating & debating skills in English.

The Youth IGF Camp is a 3-day-2-night camp mirroring the UNIGF for youth to discuss
various Internet Governance issues.

Stakeholder Group – participants will be divided and role-play as different stakeholders
(example: Govt. bodies/ NGOs/ Students/ Business Organizations etc.)

• Presentations and Open Forum - Participants will present on their conclusion and have an open debate panel, which other rIGF participants are welcome to join

Timings: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm from 3rd August – 9th August for Youth IGF
Venue: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida (NCR-Delhi)

1) From Internet to Equinet - How to build an open and accessible Internet in order to equally engage all the Internet users, especially the next billion to join the Internet?

Internet as a tool of voice: the importance of Equinet to the Internet Development
How to draw a line between appropriateness and inappropriateness on the Internet
Rise of Mobility: How to craft a secure Internet for our next generation

Format of Discussion:

Internal Preparation
Participants will be separated into different parties within the same stakeholders group and have internal discussion
Stakeholder Discussion
Participants from the same stakeholders representing different parties will have round table discussion on the stance of the whole group and prepare for the next stage
Multi-Stakeholder Role-Play Discussion
The discussion starts with Panelist discussion followed by floor questions to the panel. Panelists are representatives from different stakeholders group to imitate the Multi-StakeHolders Model (M17M)

2) How to drive Social Change through Innovation and ICT technologies?
For the sake of variety, new elements are suggested to be included in the YIGF Camp to
make it more interesting and engaging. Youth will have the chance to discuss how to
drive Social Change through ICT startups.

Format of Discussion:

Sharing Session
Local Experts, Professors and Entrepreneurs who have had successful Start-Ups on driving social change will be invited to share their stories to inspire and engage the next generation of participants.
Brain Storming Wall
A wall with memo pads and mark pens will be provided in all the sessions throughout the camp. Participants, guests and passer-bys will be invited to write 
down ideas on how to drive Social Change anytime they see fit. Participants will also be responsible for introducing the wall to the Participants of APrIGF. Finally, innovative ideas will be shared and introduced during the public forum

Core Element for YIGF Camp
1) Ice Breaking
   - To break-in with the participants with role-play discussion activities, etc.
2) Brain Storming Wall
3) Multi-Stakeholders Role-Play Discussion
   Participants are divided into three different stakeholders and will discuss on the 3 topics with the same grouping throughout the camp.
   Topic of Discussion for Day 1: Openness
   Topic of Discussion for Day 2: Access + Creative Social Change Ideas
   Discussion on Openness acts as a warm-up for participant to experience the atmosphere of discussion and to nurture their mindset.
   Discussion on Access is be the final rehearsal for the public session, the setting will be the same as public forum to better the participants.
   Every Stakeholder will choose their main speakers (2~4 depends on no. of
       participants) (Main Speakers will be varied from each topics)
   M17M Discussion: (Panel Discussion + Floor Questions)
4) Sharing Sessions of Multi-Stakeholder Engagement on Youth Participation on IG
   Experts on IG will be invited to share on the importance of youth participation on IG
   Potential Guests: Fadi Chehadé – CEO of ICANN
5) Sharing Session on How to Drive Social Change
   Professors and Entrepreneurs will be invited to share on their experiences.
6) IG Theme Game – DataWar
   Let the participants to understand the importance of Data security through another
   Companies have to gather as much data as they can to win the game
   To let the participants to experience data as tradable assets
7) Public Forum
   M17M Discussion: (Panel Discussion + Floor Questions)
   Four-Party Panelists: Government, Civil Society, Industry, Youth
   Topic of Discussion for Day 3: Security
   Conclusion on the 2 topics discussed
   Display of Posters with Idea Memos / Stickers and theme introduction and introduce certain creative ideas

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