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Monday, November 3, 2014

Seminar on Corporate Governance and CSR Compliance under Companies Act, 2013, and Release of Book titled "A Review of Laws Relating to Tourism in India"

The Legal Entrepreneurship Cell of ALS-N is hosting an event, the poster of which is attached. Company Secretaries and CEOs of several organizations will be arriving for this event, and will address the audience on issues including, but not limited to, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

A book edited by Major General Nilendra Kumar. titled A Review of Laws Relating to Tourism in India, will also be released at this meet. Those who have contributed to the book are invited to attend the function, and may bring guests as well. The contributors will have the opportunity to meet the Founder President of Amity University, Dr. A. K. Chauhan. The contributors will also receive a copy of the book, published by Thomson Reuters.  

This book is the first and only one of its kind, and contains articles on current aspects relevant to growth of tourism. The focus of this book is on medical, adventure and religious tourism. It is a compendium of all statutory laws concerning travel & tourism, and has been published by Thomson & Reuters.

The book is being released at 1100 hours on Wednesday, the 5th of November, 2014, at I-2 Moot Court Hall, Amity University, sector-125, Noida. Everybody who wishes to attend the event is welcome to do so.

A list of those who contributed towards the book is as follows: 
  • Faculty. Bhavna Batra,Swati Bijawat, Alok Verma, Ruchi Sharma, Kavita Surbhi,Manika Kamthan
  • Students. KR Avinash,Hitesh Bhat,Akshay Abrol,Gagan Deep Kaur ( Centre Ii),Mehal Jain,Tanushree Rastogi,Syed SA Kazmi, Nauras Suhrawardy,Manan Popli,Pragya Wazir,Rachit Soota,Amrita Sinha, Neeraj Yadav 
  • Akshay Sinha,Dr Anshu,Doerte Kasueske,S Fazal Daoud Firdausi,Dr Ganputh Rajendra Prasad,Ritu Malhotra,Seema Manoj,Suparna Saraswati Puri and Zubair Ahmed Khan.
  • Major assistance was provided by KR Avinash and Hitesh Bhatt .
  • Monica Suri was instrumental in getting a large number of speakers whose comments find place in the work.

 A poster of the event

The Cover Page of the book to be release

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