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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Message from the Director

Dear Students,

The new year gives us an opportunity to look back and reflect.It also emerges as a time to recount our achievements and measure the ground covered.

I would like to hail 2011 for the following  major accomplishments by the ALS Noida

1.Amity International Moot
2. Souvenir brought out for the above
3.Spectacular performance in Sangathan
4.Innovative performance in Human Values Quarter
5.Successes in moots
6.Amity Legal Aid clinic
7.Hindi debates and moot
8.Camp to Manali
9.ALS website and blog 
10.Sociology skits
11. Prestigious interships.

There could be many more commendable feats which are equally praiseworthy that do not find mention.These all are testimony to  your  keen interest and sincere desire to excel.

Each one of you deserve to be complimented for your hard work, dedication, initiative and team work.

We have to strive harder to adhere to our motto of ALS BEING SECOND TO NONE.

With best wishes for good health and prosperity to you and your family members

Maj Gen Nilendra Kumar 

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