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Thursday, September 6, 2012

AMIZONER - An Android App for Amtians

AMIZONER specializes in 'Attendance Monitoring & Planning' for Amitians.

+ That includes their time table, their courses and a few additions of my own to make sure the student never loses out on their attendance.
+ It calculates how many classes one can afford to miss (if your attendance % is high), classes one must attend (if your % is low) and highlights borderline cases so that they don't risk it.
+ Based on the mentioned attendance algorithm, the time table will be coloured green, red and yellow signifying the danger level in each case.
+ If you've been marked absent within 48 hours, there will be a notification which informs the student (so that you can change it in time if it was a mistake).
+ Provisions to store the teacher's cabin number is also there.
Also, The day's attendance will be shown on a single page. No longer does the student have to search in each course to see if he's been marked absent for that day. (Date-wise Attendance Check)

For more details, Click the below link:

Developed by Neil Mathew ASET, Amity University, Noida

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