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Monday, September 3, 2012


“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” This very famous quote by the 44th president of the United States was the bone of contention as the fresher’s took to the floor to express themselves in the debate organized on the 27th of august 2012. The topic in discussion was “We have a democratic system but not democratic values.” 

The event was opened by Major Gen. Nilendra Kumar, Director of Amity Law School, NOIDA with very positive words which helped in boosting the confidence of the fledglings of the college. This was then followed by the opening speech delivered by Mr. Syed Safder Ali Kazmi, the Convener of this prestigious society. After his address Miss Aiman Kulsoom Rizvi took over as the Chair Person for the debate. Sakshi Futela, Abhinav Mishra, Siddhanth Mehta and Ruchir Goenka were of excellent assistance to make sure that the debate was a successful event with their photography, policing and time keeping skills respectively. The Debate wouldn’t have been possible without the able guidance of Dr. Niru Sharan. The elite panel of judges consisited of Mrs.Vandana Nalini Singh, Mrs. Ritu Singh and Mrs. Ekta Gupta, who very efficiently judged the debate in a very ‘Democratic’ and impartial way. 

There were 12 participants all together, 6 for the motion and 6 against the motion. Nervousness showed very clearly as each participant came forward to share his views but then managed to put up a brilliant show .This was the original intention behind the event, of removing the stage fear of the participants and helping them express their views effectively and convincingly. Even though all performed commendably there could only have been three winners. The First prize was awarded to Miss Sana Khan of B.A.,LL.B(H) the Second prize was awarded to Mr. Keshav Seth and the Third prize was awarded to Mr. Manashwy. 

Last but not the least, Prashant Shukla, Deputy Convener of the Society, Adhish Sharma and Sayak Chakraborty also provided much needed assistance in the smooth conduct of the Debate.

Reported by Debating Society

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