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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lex Contractus, 2014

It is our pleasure to inform all students that we are back with our annual edition of 'Lex Contractus Intra Moot Court Competition' which has been scheduled to be held from March 24th to 25th, 2014. 
This in house Moot Court Competition has been especially designed for all first years (irrespective of whether they have participated in external moots) and first timers from rest of the semester, i.e., 4th to 8th semester (only those who have never participated in moot courts outside the college). The same will stand as an eligibility criteria for this Moot.The competition shall be conducted on the basis of team evaluation, the details regarding which have been specified in Clause 2 of the Rules. Each team will be required to submit their memorandums/ written submissions prior to their oral arguments before the Moot Court. A copy of sample memorandums shall be mailed to all the participants for reference.
Interested teams are required to intimate via email to latest by midnight on Friday 21st March, 2014. The details of team composition, Name, Semester, Contact number, Position, i.e., speaker or researcher must be specified.
Kindly note that orientations and workshops shall be organised by the Moot Court Society from Thursday onwards depending upon the strength of prospective participants for the purpose of detailed explanation of moot problem, marshalling of facts, understanding of the issues involved, and reference for relevant material. The most probable session shall be conducted on Thursday. 
Warm Regards,
Tanisha Jehangir Munir
Moot Court Society

Rules for the Competition

Moot Problem

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