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Saturday, March 22, 2014

VICTORY in 1st Amity National Debate Competition

We are proud to inform that Aiman Kulsoom Rizvi & Sai Titiksha Golakotihave WON the 1st Amity National Debate Competition, 2014 on the Topic "In the Opinion of the House - HOMOSEXUALITY SHOULD BE DECRIMINALIZED IN INDIA". The competition saw a participation from leading law colleges in India. 
The Participants shared their experience and the reviews given by the judges. They suggested the teams participating in different competitions, to keep in mind the following points: 
1. Good team method is very important which involves unity and logic. Unity is created by all members being aware of the definition, what the other speakers have said and what the team line is.
2. There are many things you can do with your voice to make it effective. Use volume, pitch and speed to emphasise important points in your speech. A sudden loud burst will grab your audience's attention while a period of quiet speaking can draw your audience in and make them listen carefully.
3. Maintain constant eye contact with the audience to hold their attention. When you've got them by the eyeballs their hearts and minds will follow.
4. Your body is a tool for you to use. Make hand gestures deliberately and with confidence. Move your head and upper body to maintain eye contact with all members of the audience.
5. Avoid being nervous as it is like a plague. Use your whole person to effect & don't let any one thing detract from your ability to persuade the audience.
Heartiest congratulations to the team and their families. May they bring more laurels for the college. 


Posted by Ronil Goger

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