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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amity Law School organizes Lecture on “Role of Security on the Borders of the Country” by Former Air Chief Marshal S.P Tyagi

Amity Law School organized a Lecture on “Role of Security on the Borders of the Country” by Former Air Chief Marshal Mr. S.P Tyagi at the Amity University Campus, Sector – 125, Noida.

While addressing the august gathering Maj. Gen Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School spoke on the expansion of India’s boundaries and the role of Border Security Forces which help in the country’s unity, security and safety of a country.

Member National Security Advisory Board and Former Air Chief Marshal Mr. S.P Tyagi, with his vast experiences in the forces was actively involved in several wars that were fought by India including the Kargil war in his career.

While presenting his lecture on ‘Role of Security on the Borders of the Country’ Former Air Chief Marshal Mr. S.P Tyagi shared some valuable information on facts and strategies to make a mission successful in the army. He said, “National Security is not the monopoly of the armed forces. Every citizen is responsible for it. But lawyers have a great role to play. Security does not only mean external security. There is food, health, law and order which are internal securities that need to be taken care off. Security has a big dimension which has its impact on each one of us. Therefore, we all have a big role to play. Every Government and political party has to have one National Aim. But every time we miss the National aim of poverty removal, our economy becomes unprogressive.”

He said that there is a fixation that armed forces are for protection of geographical boundaries whereas the territorial integrity is not only to guard the borders but also to prevent war and to bring peace and stability to the country. Guarding the border is just one aspect of the security force. Our country is not confined to geographical borders but a broad strategic border is there to look after. Nowadays the challenges of a country are becoming global, commented Mr. Tyagi.

Former Air Chief Marshal Mr. S. P Tyagi concluded his lecture by saying that there is a need to learn military diplomacy as we tackle with the countries of the World. The nation will have to engage younger people with lucrative assignment to cope up with new environment. Global engagement of armed forces in crisis like Tsunami, earthquake and Katrina become a necessity, remarked Mr. Tyagi 

The lecture was attended by several Directors, Head of Institutes and hundreds of students of Amity Law School.

Former Air Chief Marshall Mr. S.P Tyagi delivering a lecture at Amity University

Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar addressing the august gathering

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