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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mock Trials Script for Auditions on 15/02/2011

The Mock trials will be held on a problem which incidentally bears close resemblance with the Aarushi Murder Case. Auditions for the Mock Trials shall be held on 15th Feb 2011 2pm onwards. Taking in consideration the paucity of time for preparation, only one script is being released for tomorrows audition. All participants are required to prepare the same. The script is as follows:-
CBI Advocate: Harshit Sharma is not a complainant now and he has been suspected and arrested by the police in the case, and as a suspect, the accused has no locus standi to get a copy of the closure report.
Judge: Harshit Sharma is the first informant in the case, so it is justifiable to provide him a copy of closure report. The CBI is directed to provide him a copy of closure report.
CBI Advocate: The probe of the investigating officer proves that no outsider was involved in the deaths and thecircumstantial evidence points out that whatever has been done, parents only have done it. Your Honour, there is nothing left in the case and there is no scope for further inquiry. The circumstantial evidence in investigating officer’s probe puts suspicion on the parent’s role.
Judge: There was no evidence in the case diary which suggested that some person forcibly tried to enter the house. Neither was any evidence found to implicate the servants.
CBI Advocate: As regards re-examination of forensic evidence three labs have said that it is not possible as samples are highly contaminated while one UK-based lab with which the Sharma’s were in touch said they could do it but it has been found through Interpol that it no such lab is registered there.

Judge: The guiding principle is that there should be enough basis to take further action rather than enough ground to prove charges and chain of evidence indicates that there is enough ground to take prima facie cognizance of murder and destruction of evidence against Harshit sharma and his wife.

Posted By Adhish Sharma

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