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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

‘Good Governance’ and ‘Sustainable Development ‘can only be assured by rule of law opines H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh at ALS

Amity Law School organized a Lecture on “Law and Good Governance” by H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh at the Amity University Campus, Sector – 125, Noida.

While addressing the august gathering, Maj. Gen. K. Jai Singh, VC, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, said, “the young students of today are the future of law and administration of the country. The loopholes are that administration of justice is lagging and equality of law is yet to be practiced. Law is an end of justice. So it should not be so technical that justice is sacrificed. There is misuse of law on the other hand by those who hold the authority of law which need to be regulated. 

In his welcoming address Maj. Gen Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School spoke on the importance of Law and Good Governance and it’s relevance for perfect administration in the country. The role of good governance is increasing with the development and expansion of the country. Extremism and violence are constant threat to the Indian polity. Therefore good governance is of prime importance. 

Delivering the special lecture on ‘Law and Good Governance’ H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh and former Deputy National Security Administrator, shared valuable information as to how to make the country socially, politically and economically developed in the world. He said, “I consider Law – as something which sustains and holds the people together and binds them into one country. No country can carry on and develop without having a rule of law. Being Indians, we know that ours is a country of diversity. Each and every state has its own culture, language, customs, festivals and more than one religion. It is our constitution and law that assures them of equality, justice and binds them into unity. Looking at law as a controlling mechanism devised to maintain order among the people only is a myopic view. Maintenance of law and order is only one of the objectives of law. We have seen in India that that social reform like abolition of Sati pratha, equal rights to women, prevention of child marriages and such social reforms have been made possible by enacting relevant laws. Similarly, welfare measures like protection of rights of persons with disabilities, helpless senior citizens, poverty, protection of rights of labour and similar social problems were also addressed by enacting laws. Democracy is a vehicle of change and development as well as foundation of governance.” 

Mr. Dutt said, “we cannot ensure development, welfare and reforms to happen only by enacting laws. Honest and sincere implementation of law of the land is most important. ‘Good Governance’ and ‘Sustainable Development ‘can only be assured by rule of law. Our country has a federal structure but it is unitary in spirit. Many development or welfare related issues like education, welfare of labour are in the concurrent list. However, when it comes to the issue of development and welfare like rural development and health, Union Government comes to the aid of the state and helps by formulating schemes and provides funds for the same even when such subjects in the state list. This is possible only because of the unitary spirit of our Constitution.” 

H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh concluded his lecture by saying that Good Governance requires accessibility, accountability, predictability and transparency. And to ensure all this ‘independent Judiciary’ is essential. The legal system has to be accessible also. Right to Information Act has brought revolutionary changes in the administration and also in the awareness level of the people. So many cases of misuse of power and financial irregularities have been brought to light by the whistleblowers using ‘Right to Information’. 

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group highly appreciated the lecture of H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt on ‘Law and Good Governance’. He said, “Good Governance can lead India to be a Super Power. By 2020 our population will comprise of 30 to 35 percent of young people which will to help to change the world. This can happen only with Good Governance. Mr. Dutt has given us an action plan to take India into new heights of success and to fulfill the mission India to lead the world. Moral values and ethics also play a vital role in the progress of a country, affirmed Dr. Chauhan. 

The lecture was attended by Dr. B. Shukla, Pro-VC (A), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, several Directors, Head of Institutes and hundreds of students of Amity Law School.

H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt delivering his lecture on ''Law and Good Governance''

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group and H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chattisgarh on the diaz

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group, addressing the gathering

H.E. Mr. Shekhar Dutt being felicitated by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group

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