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Monday, February 14, 2011


Do you want to get published with full credit on the internet?

Pick a theme, use the keywords and write 300 + words. No citations, no footnotes. Just be informative and intelligent. No limits on the number of submissions. Write individually or as a team.

Theme 1: Micro, small and medium enterprises; small scale business; other small businesses; corporate law; company law; business law; labour law; contract law; tax in India

Theme 2: house rent agreement; rent a shop; rental agreements; rental agreement format; tenancy agreement; rent a flat; rent a shop; Rent Act;  rental lease

Theme 3: to make a will; 
how to write a will; make a will; how to make a will; make a will online; last will; property; final will

Theme 4:  legal issue; legal advice; legal question; legal document; advocate; legal services; company law; labour law

Theme 5:  cheque bounce; cheque bouncing; cheque bounce case; legal notice; section 138 of the negotiable instruments act; section 138; dishonour of cheque; cheque dishonour

Theme 6:  tax in India; income tax for nris; income tax law in India; FEMA Act; law in India; real estate for nri; property for nri; power of attorney for nri

Don't see why you should be doing this?

Consider this. Guaranteed publication with full credit on and shared on other sites and blogs through our network. 14 days to submit, 14 prizes to win.
(Rs. 1000 X 2 prizes, Rs. 500 X 4 prizes, Rs. 250 X 8 prizes)

Anything else?

Some rules: max 5 keywords per paragraph, 3 line synopsis at the beginning (like an abstract), submit by 24th Feb 2011, be grammatically correct and DON'T plagiarize. 

For logistical reasons, we close each theme when we receive 600 entries, so hurry.

Please send your submissions to

Disclaimer: Neither nor this legal writing challenge has any connection, affiliation or endorsement from Google, Inc, its subsidiaries or any of their products or services.

Posted By Adhish Sharma

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